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Spiritual Bath Teas - Tarot Edition

Spiritual Bath Teas - Tarot Edition

Our Tarot inspired Spiritual Bath Teas utilize the magical properties of herbs, essential oils & more to invoke power, healing, blessings, protection, abundance, and deliverance. You may also use the herbal mix as a floor wash, spray, candle dressing, dry sprinkle, or simply for relaxation.


Please read over the brief decriptions and use your prior knowledge of Tarot to choose which Spiritual Bath is best for you:


THE MAGICIAN - CALL IN YOUR MAGICK! Boost your power, resourcefulness, wisdom, talent, and perhaps even your cunning. Consider using this as an pre-ritual wash. 



THE EMPRESS -  Wielding the powers of creation, fertility, growth, femininity, beauty, grace, sensuality, maternal influence and alignment with nature, the Empress lives abundantly. She is love and luxury. Awaken the Empress within.



JUSTICE - Gain favor in legal matters or any instance where a final decision is out of your hands. 



THE DEVIL REVERSED - Banish malevolent energies of oppression, addiction, fear, guilt, and illusion. Powerful purification and excellent for shadow work.



THE STAR  - Ascend into higher perspective, wisdom, serenity, and inspiration. Feel peace sweep over you and drive away the fog of doubt & worry. Your perception: clearer, discernment: truer, hope & confidence: revived. Heal the mind, body and soul.



7 of WANDS - For defense, domination, advantage over others, driving off enemies, psychic protection, and countermagick. 



8 of WANDS - Speed up progress or increase psychic power and spiritual communication.



9 of WANDS - You’ve come a long way but you’re not quite there yet. Go the distance with courage, strength and resilience. For exhaustion, health, and perseverance. Hold on, Soldier.



KING of WANDS - Gain or maintain authority, power, success, ambition, passion, wisdom, command, charisma, and persuasion. Boosts masculine energy.



ACE of CUPS - Welcome in joy, love, new relationships, creativity, ecstasy and fulfilment. May your cup overflow!



3 of CUPS - Do you need a little assistance lightening up and allowing yourself the pleasures of life? This bath was created to help you live Deliciously! Attract fun connections, boost confidence, and remove obstacles to personal enjoyment. Opens your Throat Chakra and stirs up that Sacral. Ow!



8 of CUPS - When a cycle completes, the chaff must fall away. Not all endings are happy or easy. This bath is ideal for lifestyle transitions and releasing the old to make space for the new. Also excellent for detoxification.



4 of SWORDS - Retreat, Rest, and Rejuvenate in this bath as you embrace the blessed state of peace and stillness.



7 of SWORDS - Be one step ahead and gain clear passage in tricky situations. Protection against plots, schemes, gossip, jealousy, and spies.



8 of SWORDS REVERSED - Enough is enough! Release stagnancy, anxiety, fear, and self defeat. Boost your personal power and gain the clarity, motivation and confidence to move forward. To Freedom!



KING of SWORDS - If you find yourself too emotional to accept the reality of a situation, call in heightened mental strength, discernment, power, and clear judgment. The King of Swords is self disciplined, logical, and above else, Honest. A nice aid for studying, claircognizance, and making head over heart decisions.



4 of PENTACLES - Best for all around protection, security, and blocking malific or vampiric energy.



7 of PENTACLES - Have faith while you wait. So you’ve put in your work and now you’re waiting to see the fruits of your labor. The purpose of this bath is to protect your investments and to get the wheels behind the scene turning in your favor. May your labor never be in vain.



8 of PENTACLES - Assistance with manifesting hard work, commitment, mastery, motivation, a business, new job, or any other positive forward movement.




Weight: 5 oz. You'll enjoy 5 ounces of lovingly prepared goodness. The number of baths in each container will depend on the desired potency and the number of days you intend to repeat your ritual.


IngredientsHerbal Blend. Select baths will also contain Crystals, 24K Gold Leaf (The Empress), Spiritual Waters & ColognesBlueing, and/or Saltpeter (The Devil Reversed). All non-herbs and wet ingredients are packaged seperately. Herbs can be powdered at your request (complementary).


ATTENTION: If you are pregnant, epileptic, allergic to any essential oils, or allergic to any herbs sold at SANCTUM, please alert me by placing a note in the Cart before submitting your order. I will gladly modify any bath to meet your specific need. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT INGEST.






LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It is the consumer's responsibilty to be well informed of purposes, applications, benefits, dosages, side effects, allergies, combinations, and interactions of herbal usage. Herbs taken for health purposes should be treated with the same seriousness as allopathic medicine. Like any medication, herbal remedies do not negate the need for a healthy diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle. SANCTUM is not responsible for the mis-use, improper handling, or damages, directly or indirectly resulting from use of this product. Our product descriptions and services do not override or substitute professional medical, psychiatric, or legal counsel. All customers purchasing from do so entirely at their own risk and agree to accept full responsibility for any undesired results, curses, blessings, damages, and/or losses. All products on this website are sold as curio.

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