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Palo Santo (Set of 6)

Palo Santo (Set of 6)

Palo Santo is a very powerful energy cleansing, purification, and therapeutic aid. Some additional benefits include assisting deep meditation, enhancing creativity, grounding, attracting good fortune, uplifting emotions, and repelling insects. Some people experience discomfort when they initially use Palo Santo. This is likely because the "Holy Wood" is clearing energetic blockages and purging heavy energies. If the dicomfort does not decrease with continued use, we'd recommend scheduling an appointment with a trained Reiki practitioner.


Quantity: Bundle of 6, 4" L Palo Santo Sticks




NOTE: This listing is for SIX Palo Santo Sticks. The other items pictured are for suggested use only and are not included with this purchase.


SAFETY NOTICE: To prevent fires and damage to furnishings, smudging tools should be placed on a heat resistant surface and away from draperies, hanging tapestries, and flammables. Please use caution when handling. Never leave lit items unattended. Please keep out of reach of small children and pets. SANCTUM is not responsible for the mis-use, improper handling, or damages resulting from the use of this product.

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