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Cedar Smudge Sticks

Cedar Smudge Sticks

Highly revered by Indigenous American cultures, Cedar is widely used for ceremony, ritual, and prayer. Cedar has balanced feminine and masculine energy, making it ideal for protection, attracting desired energies and clearing unwanted energies from your environment. The pleasant smelling smoke of the benevolent cedar tree is great for grounding, meditation, and inducing joy. You may find that Cedar Smudge Sticks require a bit more work to keep a continuous burn. If you have difficulty keeping it lit, we recommend that you rest it directly on a hot charcoal disc. We also break leaves from our cedar wands and burn them on charcoal in order to keep the remaining leaves sealed and fragrant.


Dimension: 7-9 inches




NOTE: This listing is for ONE Cedar Smudge Stick. The other items pictured are for suggested use only and are not included with this purchase.


SAFETY NOTICE: To prevent fires and damage to furnishings, smudge sticks should be placed on a heat resistant surface and away from draperies, hanging tapestries, and flammables. Please use caution when handling. Never leave lit smudge sticks unattended. Please keep out of reach of small children and pets. SANCTUM is not responsible for the mis-use, improper handling, or damages resulting from the use of this product.

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