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Cascarilla is crushed eggshell powder. It is applied to the body and other surfaces & objects for protection against harmful energies, psychic attack, and warding off malevolent spirits. Cascarilla is also used to create a shield between the material and inmaterial realms, preventing all spirits (desired & undesired) from entering the protected space. It can be powdered and added to floor washes and purification/banishing/uncrossing baths and candles.



NOTE: This listing is for ONE Cascarilla cup. The other items pictured are for suggested use only and are not included with this purchase.


SAFETY NOTICE: This item is not intended for consumption.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It is the consumer's responsibilty to be well informed of purposes, applications, benefits, dosages, side effects, allergies, combinations, and interactions of using this item. SANCTUM is not responsible for the mis-use, improper handling, or damages, directly or indirectly resulting from use of this product. Our product descriptions and services do not override or substitute professional medical, psychiatric, or legal counsel. All customers purchasing from do so entirely at their own risk and agree to accept full responsibility for any undesired results, curses, blessings, damages, and/or losses. All products on this website are sold as curio.

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